December Meeting

The December meeting was at the home of Thom Flak and was also the annual Christmas party. The party was well attended and a very good time. It was proposed that meetings be held bi-monthly from now on instead of quarterly. The proposition passed, and the club thought about items of interest for upcoming meetings.

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March 16th Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting went well. It was attended by 13 folks one being a new member. Barry collected dues, we discussed the swap meet. May 28th at 8AM to 11AM. We discussed the new Facebook page that Brad created. There was a spirited discussion on several topics, mostly repair and resources related. The show and tell was outstanding with 5 items shared.
Mark Queensbury presented a ton of information regarding the radio museum in WVA. It was a good presentation and well received.
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June Meeting Minutes

The June meeting was a good one, well attended and it was a special treat to visit the collection of Kent King. Some items discussed include the dues be lowered to $10.00 a year instead of $12. The motion passed. Other items on the agenda were a discussion about the September Swap Meet, the tentative date is the weekend of Sept. 5th.

John Case gave us a report from the Kutztown Meet, said it was a good one with lots of great radio gear and well attended.

A big thank you to Kent King who graciously opened his home and collection to us for the evening. We saw a spectacular collection of Scott radios and some Supreme test equipment from 1938.

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May Swap Meet

We had a nice gathering with 20 folks selling at the radio swap meet. Weather was good and helped make for a good turnout.  Some folks set up tailgate style and others took advantage of the large picnic shelter for shade.  Had a nice selection displayed. And nice seeing folks from Dayton, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh area and Kentucky. And Brad’s son was offering coffee.

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Meeting Minutes March 18th

Had a good meeting. 13 attended. Collected 2015 membership fees from everyone there. And a few other membership fees have been received.
Many gathered by 7 pm to socialized and enjoy pizza before the meeting started about 7:40 pm. Dim bulb tester demo went well using mine.  Companion hand out from Phil’s Old Radios. Also a nice variety of items for show and tell: cone speakers, several radios and a rare 1950’s Glasser-Stearns 4-speed changer. Adjourned about 9:30 pm.
Next club meeting on June 17.  Thom Flak volunteered to host it. Kent King also offered to host at his just completed radio room. AffirmedMay 30 for our Saturday morning swap meet at same Westerville church lot as last August.
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Meeting Minutes Sept. 17th

The September meeting was at the home of Tom Flack. The members discussed the success of the summer swap meet and decided to no longer hold the winter event. The new swap meet schedule will be spring and summer. For now we are planning on May 16th as the spring date.

Dave Poland gave a presentation and demo of a light bulb tester and discussed early A.C. power supplies.

Show and Tell included  a ’30’s Firestone All American 5  by Barry Gould.

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Meeting Minutes June 18th 2014

The June Club meeting was held at the home of Scott Freshour. The meeting was attended by nine members and food was provided. There was discussion of the recent auction featuring the collection of the late Charlie Stanger.

Other topics discussed included the up coming swapmeet.

There was a vote to no longer have the winter swapmeet. The vote carried so we will no longer be staging the winter meet.

Thanks to Ray, we watched a fascinating short movie about early Philco manufacturing techniques.

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Meeting Minutes March 19 2014

The March 19th meeting was attended by 9 members at the home of Dave Poland. Items discussed included the following items:

The club name is now officially registered with the state of Ohio.

The club will soon have it’s own bank account with co-signatories.

The membership in attendance reviewed a draft of the new club constitution and ratified the content unanimously.

We discussed the meeting / swap meet situation, having lost DeVry college as a venue. It was decided that to purchase an insurance policy for the swap meet would be too costly, therefore we are all looking for a space for the summer swap meet without an insurance requirement. Some ideas included public park shelter house, churches, senior centers, etc.

The next two meetings will be in members homes, June at the home of Scott Freshour and September at the home of Thom Flak. After that we will likely meet at Donatos in Westerville in the party room. This location is subject to change.

The election of officers was also on the agenda with the following results:

1. President: Dave Poland

2. Vice President: Thom Flak

3. Treasurer: Barry Gould

4. Secretary / Webmaster: Scott Freshour

Other items discussed included receipts from the winter swap meet and discussion about how to make that event better.

Meeting participants then viewed Dave’s amazing collection of Scott radios, and saw a demonstration of a restored Eico capacitance tester.



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