How to Join

All you need is an interest in antique and vintage radio to be right at home with the members of COARA. Perhaps you have an old family radio. Or have an interest in the history of early radio. Or you are attracted to the wonderful cabinetry of some of the wood radios of the 1930’s or the colorful plastic table radios of the 1950’s.

Some of our members are primarily interested in displaying radios. Others in electronic restoration so they will play safely. Our current members’ interests include: post war plastic table radios, pre war wood table radios, high end 1930’s consoles, post war high-fidelity radio/phono combinations, 45 record players of the 1950’s, classic cone arts speakers of the late 1920’s.

Paid membership helps preserve the presence of antique radio club and the sponsored semi annual swap meets. Annual dues are $12. To join our club, contact any member or submit the form on this site along with your check payable to COARA and mail it the address shown. Or attend a meeting or swap meet and join there.

Send Payment to: Barry Gould 4869 Arthur PL, Columbus, OH 43081

Be sure to include your email address and telephone number with your payment.