Meeting Minutes March 18th

Had a good meeting. 13 attended. Collected 2015 membership fees from everyone there. And a few other membership fees have been received.
Many gathered by 7 pm to socialized and enjoy pizza before the meeting started about 7:40 pm. Dim bulb tester demo went well using mine. ┬áCompanion hand out from Phil’s Old Radios. Also a nice variety of items for show and tell: cone speakers, several radios and a rare 1950’s Glasser-Stearns 4-speed changer. Adjourned about 9:30 pm.
Next club meeting on June 17.  Thom Flak volunteered to host it. Kent King also offered to host at his just completed radio room. AffirmedMay 30 for our Saturday morning swap meet at same Westerville church lot as last August.