Meeting Minutes March 19 2014

The March 19th meeting was attended by 9 members at the home of Dave Poland. Items discussed included the following items:

The club name is now officially registered with the state of Ohio.

The club will soon have it’s own bank account with co-signatories.

The membership in attendance reviewed a draft of the new club constitution and ratified the content unanimously.

We discussed the meeting / swap meet situation, having lost DeVry college as a venue. It was decided that to purchase an insurance policy for the swap meet would be too costly, therefore we are all looking for a space for the summer swap meet without an insurance requirement. Some ideas included public park shelter house, churches, senior centers, etc.

The next two meetings will be in members homes, June at the home of Scott Freshour and September at the home of Thom Flak. After that we will likely meet at Donatos in Westerville in the party room. This location is subject to change.

The election of officers was also on the agenda with the following results:

1. President: Dave Poland

2. Vice President: Thom Flak

3. Treasurer: Barry Gould

4. Secretary / Webmaster: Scott Freshour

Other items discussed included receipts from the winter swap meet and discussion about how to make that event better.

Meeting participants then viewed Dave’s amazing collection of Scott radios, and saw a demonstration of a restored Eico capacitance tester.