Formal education for vacuum tube technology is long gone. Now the repository for such information resides with old timers, the periodicals of the past, a number of books published in recent years, and antique radio clubs. Radio clubs members include hobbyists, collectors and folks with technical experience, all with a variety of skills and interests. These members are a resource for advice, parts and vacuum tubes.

The Antique Radio Forum has a number of topical categories with a variety threads each with frequent dialogs on numerous topics. Well worth monitoring.

For vintage radio periodicals, in the Early Radio category:
Has images of entire magazines. Of note: Radio News, Radio Craft, Citizen’s Radio Callbook and Radio Broadcast. Valuable years are from about 1925 to 1937 or so. A bit cumbersome to use, but valuable not only for the articles, but also for the advertising which picture and often explain operation and use or parts as the industry developed. Browsing these magazine images may spark interest in purchasing issues that appear at auctions and radio swap meets.

Some larger radio clubs produce newsletters for members, with worthwhile content whether or not you attend their meetings and events, such as:

Dayton Ohio SPARK club:
Michigan Antique Radio Club

Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club

Indiana Historical Radio Society

Antique Wireless Association

Sources for tubes, reproduction dials, parts, and books include:

Radio Daze

Antique Radio Supply

Renovated Radios

Oppat’s radio parts

Phil’s Old Radios

The above resources just scratch the surface. Look for links to other sites. Bookmark what you find of interest to you.